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Sustainable Kitchens is a consulting firm that specializes in elevating non-commercial food service programs.

"There's nothing in the food that I didn't put there."

"Culture Shock"

On May 28th, I addressed the Wisconsin Dietetic Association in Madison, Wisconsin about the benefits and challenges of changing the culture of non-commercial food service kitchens.


WISN 12 News

Tune in every other Saturday morning to watch me prepare a new dish with Sally Severson. This week, I prepared the "Perfect Potato Salad."



I share my culinary insights and experiences with the award-winning online magazine. Visit my author page to read about my latest adventures in food.


Culinary Institute of America

In April of 2013, I was one of just 16 chefs nationwide to selected by the Culinary Institute of America to participate in their Culinary Enrichment and Innovation Program beginning in Napa Valley.

21st Jan 2013

The Engine Room: An Evening at c.1880

From out of the ashes of early morning violence, has risen the post-modern, industrial-chic, hipster haven known as Walker’s Point. A hard-bitten bird with once broken wings now soars below...

15th Nov 2012
NuGenesis Farms

NuGenesis Grows

On a perfect Autumn afternoon, with the mercury sitting at an, almost absurdly perfect seventy-two degrees, my wife and I rolled over crunching gravel and crackling leaves along a sun-dappled...

15th Oct 2012
gacy chef

If Chefs Weren’t Chefs, They Might Be Serial Killers

In a classroom kitchen at the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, inauspiciously nestled in the bosom of a—then, still erect—Cabrini Green housing project, (most infamously known for its...

10th Oct 2012
Kimchi Slider with Bacon and Gojugong Mayo

Fall Menu Preview at Anaba Tea Room

Chef Gregg Des Rosier does not necessarily want you to conjure up thoughts of hibiscus or camomile; nor perfectly triangular prosciutto and avocado tea sandwiches on tiered wrought-iron display stands...

02nd May 2012
Chef Jan looks over her completed plates at Meritage.

The Engine Room: An evening at Meritage

For some reason, the world of the culinary arts has always been a boys club. Puzzling as it may be, refined and thoughtful dishes are created in professional kitchens by louts that...

08th Apr 2012
Chef Dan and line cook Ryan discuss last minute menu changes.

The Engine Room: An Evening at Hinterland

It’s an unnerving time inside the world of food. With restaurants closing at a record clip and the beleaguered economy still gasping for air, I’ve had to accept– with bemused...

29th Mar 2012
Braised Pork Belly, Red Pepper Coulis, Arugula, Carrot Brunoise

[excerpt] Cuisine for the Discriminating Palate: Finding the Center

I suppose I should come clean about this “discriminating palate” business. Truthfully, my reference to the discriminating palate is largely tongue-in-cheek. A good spell into my tenure at the Terrace,...

07th Mar 2012

The Engine Room: An Evening at Sanford

Since the legendary John Ernst Cafe opened in 1878 on east Ogden Avenue in downtown Milwaukee, cream city cuisine has been definitive. Flavors, recipes and preferences have been passed down...

05th Mar 2012
Capitol Square from my room at the Madison Concourse Hotel.

Casual and Cool Draws a Crowd: Brasserie V

As a Madison outsider, little more than Tory Miller and E’ltoile came to mind when conjuring up thoughts of our state capitol’s cuisine. But, over the past year or so, I’ve...

04th Oct 2011
crab cakes

Top 10 Foods That Changed My Life. (and where I go to get them)

From a teenager who was typically only interested in cheeseburgers and pizza to a chef with an extensive list of ‘foods-tried’, I thought it was high time I consolidated that...